Marena Solutions for your Business

Change Management
Your business is constantly changing. Managing change is a skill. Managing transformation demands expertise. Marena Solutions has many years experience of leading and supporting change, improvement and transformation programmes and can provide the expertise you need.

  • Analysis of your Business
  • Leading cultural change programmes
  • Organisational design
  • Leading system/technology change
  • Interim management
  • Programme and project management
People Solutions
Martin and Lorena’s individual, yet complimentary experience and skills, naturally lend themselves to delivering additional solutions to assist your business. In addition to our primary services, you may also be interested in a broader range of solutions gained from our time working with a range of organisations. Let us help you improve your business further…

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Recruitment options 
  • Communication Mediums
Website Solutions
Tailored to your business needs, we can develop your website to a new fresh look and feel. We can produce rich and innovative websites and develop internet marketing strategies that enable your brand to engage with customers, build loyalty and increase sales revenue.

  • Web Development – Business and Target Audience Analysis
  • Design- Layout and Content Design
  • Social Media Communications and Email Marketing Solutions
  • Maintenance packages
Marketing and Graphics
We understand how important it is that your marketing material gets noticed and brings results. We are passionate about producing effective graphic design that really works. From brochures and flyers, to exhibition graphics and posters – our creative designs will turn your marketing material into an extremely effective business tool, with the maximum possible impact.

  • High Quality Marketing Materials
  • Packaging Designs
  • Exhibition and Large Format Signage
Branding Recognition
Branding is the science of encouraging user engagement. Having the right brand image for your company or product is vital for establishing confidence and authority in the product or services you are offering.

  • Logo Development and Design
  • Product Company Branding
  • Marketing Material
  • Website Assessment and Branding
Intranet Solutions
We are experienced in providing intranet solutions, in small and large scale environments, to help improve internal communications with employees. 

  • Content Migration from legacy sites and code
  • Intranet Navigation and Layout Design
  • Intranet Development, Design and Management
  • Training and Support for Intranet Editors